Vegetarian pizza ideas

I know that not everyone is a “meat eater” and even though I enjoy an occasional steak or juicy cheeseburger, I do have several great vegetarian recipes that I’ve been dying to share. One of my favorites is for a vegetarian pizza, but trust me when I say that you can put just about anything on a pie and it will simply taste great. Instead of putting the recipe in this blog, I thought I would just share some of my ideas for making a delicious and healthy vegetarian pizza.


Sauteed vegetables


Have you ever noticed that the veggies never seem to cook all of the way through when you make pizza at home, unless you all but burn the crust? An easy way to avoid this problem is to sautee the vegetables before you place them on the pizza. Not only does sauteeing give the veggies a different flavor, they will finally be cooked all the way through so you don’t have to burn the crust just to make sure that the toppings are done.



No cheese


I know that there is vegan cheese and some varieties even taste pretty good, but they often don’t melt well on a pizza. Some simple congeal into an unsightly blob, while others separate into a runny mess. Have you ever considered just foregoing cheese? You can still have a delicious, authentic Italian style pizza without cheese. If you’re worried about missing out on flavor adding oregano, sea salt, basil and garlic powder will more than make up for the lack of cheese.





Pizzas don’t have to only come with meats and veggies, but all types of fruit can be used as well. Some of my favorites are dates and figs, especially when the pizza has a little balsamic vinegar drizzled on top. If you do decide to use vinegar, you want it to be balsamic and you really do only want to dabble on a very little. Pineapple on pizza is a popular favorite, and it doesn’t have to come with ham or bacon. There are some great tofu bacon varieties out there that you can use to create your own version of a Hawaiian pizza. I’ve also found that apples are delicious on a pizza, especially if your forego the red sauce.



These are only a few of my ideas for a vegetarian pizza and I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions.