Why you should have Italian food more often

Italian food is highly appreciated all over the world, and I could bet there is hardly anyone in the Western World who has never eaten pizza or spaghetti. While these are well known dishes, the Italian cuisine is much, much richer, and that is why it is praised by the most pretentious food critics on the planet. I am here to convert you to eating Italian food, if you have never gone beyond the usual slice of pizza, and I want to do that by showing you a few of the most important health benefits of Italian cuisine.


The Italian diet keeps you slim

Is there such a thing as eating tasty food and staying slim at the same time? If you are talking about Italian dishes, yes, such a thing is possible. Besides the dishes you may know so well, there are many ingredients used in the Italian cuisine that are low in calories, such as tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, garlic, spices, and lean meat. Basically, you can eat a very filling, very tasty meal and still maintain the total number of calories within a decent range. For weight management purposes, trying a few lean Italian dishes is highly recommended. You will not go around feeling hungry and you will not have to settle for tasteless foods just because you are on a diet.


These dishes are packed with antioxidants

The Mediterranean diet, as eating the Italian way also goes by, is known to be a diet rich in antioxidants that is recommended for people who want to live long and have a healthy heart. Your biggest enemies when you are trying to live healthier and longer are free radicals. Italian cuisine is rich in the arch-enemies of these free radicals, which are called antioxidants. For instance, tomatoes that can be found in a wide range of Italian dishes, are rich in a particular antioxidant called licopene, known to be very powerful in cleaning your body of free radicals. Italians are also known to eat a lot of whole grains and nuts, along with many veggies, that are equally powerful in driving away free radicals. Add on top of everything that they also enjoy a bit of wine with their meals, and you have the clear picture why Italians live longer, happier and healthier lives.


The importance of olive oil

Another ingredient that defines Italian cuisine at its best is olive oil. The regular consumption of olive oil is a proven agent in fighting coronary diseases. Olive oil, just like seafood, is rich in healthy fats, the kind that boosts your good cholesterol, and lowers the bad one. Eliminating fat of any kind from your diet is very dangerous and it is highly advised against. Just replace the bad fats with good ones like olive oil and fish and you will have a much healthier heart. Olive oil is at the core of Italian cuisine and it is believed to be one of the most important promoters of the health benefits that are associated with its dishes.