About Me


Hello, and welcome to my blog! I’ve been building up my courage to start a food blog for some time now, and I finally came to the conclusion it’s time for me to share my favorite Italian recipes and cooking tips with you.


Although I’m an American living in a city world-renowned for its eclectic, yet specific, food culture, abundant in restaurants and buffets of all sorts, my heart will always belong to the Italian kitchen. I should be honest about it and say this is no random love, but one that has been passed on to me by my nana, who was born and raised in Calabria until she came to the States.


Raier1I’m a professional event photographer so I usually do a lot of traveling and, of course, a lot of food tasting, but my favorite part of the trip is coming back home and preparing meals for my two daughters and my husband. We like to make a big fuss over every coming-home dinner so everyone gathers in the kitchen and participates. We share stories and thoughts and I like to think we maintain the intimacy and strong bonds that characterize the traditional Italian family, not to mention the most important part, which is passing my ethnic and cultural legacy to my girls, as it has been passed on to me.


As New Orleanians, we enjoy the closeness of the Mississippi river and often go on picnic trips where we pack home-made goodies and fun games. We also like to visit the Aquarium, explore the city museums, and take photographs of every little detail we find interesting.

As you can imagine, I seldom have time to dedicate only to myself, but when it does happen, I enjoy spending it reading traveling journals or attending to my small spice garden I organized in a corner of my back yard. Also, I’m a big movie lover, so I go to the cinema whenever I can snatch a free night.


Well, now that I’ve given you a glimpse of my life and of the things I love, let’s get back to business. I’m creating this blog in order to make known all the traditional and modern Italian recipes that I get to cook for my family, from Antipasti and light snacks to the complicated main courses, and savory desserts, just to show you how much more than pasta and pizza Italian cookery really is. I will also share all the tips and tricks that I’ve learned in my family and throughout my travels. I really hope you will enjoy reading these posts and I wish to hear your impressions your own secrets for these recipes, so please, feel welcome to leave comments and ask questions.