About me

Hi everyone, I am very glad you are reading my blog. First, let me tell you a few things about myself. I am a professional photographer specialized in event photography, with a passion for good food. I am a big fan of Italian cuisine and I try to get everyone I meet to try all kinds of delicious dishes, and not just the usual pizza that everyone knows and love. I love pizza a lot, too, and I know some really great recipes that I will share with you in my future posts.


Living in New Orleans, I have been exposed to different cultures throughout my whole life, but there is one food I truly love and that is Italian cuisine. I must say that I have my generous nana to thank for it, since she was a Calabria born before coming to the US, where she passed the knowledge she had on Italian dishes to me. If you will accompany me on this virtual journey, I will show you everything the Italian cuisine is all about, from main courses to desserts, from savory treats to sweet delights.